The Light System

The light system is a separate unit which sits on top of the entire length of the unit. The box is usually 12" high.

All sockets for the lamps are ceramic to withstand high temperature.

Depending on the length of the unit will determine how many lamps will be installed. The standard minimum lamps would be three. One would entail a basking Vita light that is centered within the box, and two or more sockets on either side of it.

The Vita light we recommend to do the job is a 160 watt Active Murcury heat lamp. It has an advanced self ballasted system that projects UVA and UVB up to 3 feet, farther than any fluorescent lighting. It also serves as a powerful basking light.

On either side of the Vita basking lamp, we recommend a Red 125 heat lamp for extra heating. These not only look great for their color, but actually work great for night time heat ources. This is because it projects the heat down.

Other traditional bulbs don't have the ability to project heat down. Since these units are very tall, it is much more difficult to heat further down since heat rises.

Therefore we recommend Flood lights of at least 100 watt minimum. These flood lights can be found at most major department stores such as Home Depot, Lowes & Walmart.

Fluorescent lighting can be added for an additional mix of day light by using the spiral lamps that are now available which screw in like a standard light bulbs.


Black Lighting

This can bring out beautiful colors at night from various plants & flowers. Also this allows for veiwing nocturnal awakening of certain animals such as frogs & geckos.