Tropical & Desert Custom Cages For Reptiles

December Post: Jworlds will be shown on Animal Planet

Time: December 22nd 2017 at 11:00PM
Channel: Animal Planet
Show: An additonal special feature of "Animal Cribbs" - Segment on Jworlds

View our latest Nature Center set up below

You will notice that most of the enclosures contain a water pool.
This is one of the best features that sets us apart from most cage builders.

Keeping in mind the animals needs as first priority, we often exchange ideas with our clients, and then come up with the best design for the specific animals in mind.

Most reptile owners come to realize that aquariums have not always been the ideal way of housing them. As you already know, reptiles need to climb, spread out & bask. In addition, many need humidity and the option to swim & soak.

One of the most important factors for a healthy reptile is a clean environment.
Waste management can be challenging, very messy and develop strong odors.

With our experience, most reptiles like to defecate in the water if the option is there for them to do so. If they have this option, they always seems to gravitate to it.

So this actually works out for the caregiver
because it can be rinsed & flushed out later.   

Jworlds is a small family business that has been running since 1997. Since then, we have focused our attention on creating unique cages for small exotics, specifically reptiles. We are passionate about these animals & feel they deserve the best home possible.

We design & build custom cages for:
Residential, Schools, Museums, Zoos & Nature Centers

We not only can deliver these to you personally, but will set them up and introduce your animals before we leave to ensure you are satisfied with your new product!

Having the the option to rinse & flush makes maintenance quick & efficient.  Aesthetically, it provides a unique presentation making a spectacular conversation piece.

Every enclosure built is unique, one of a kind

What makes J.worlds so special compared to other cages?

1.) Our units can contain large amounts of heated water providing humidity

2.) Pool areas can be drained & flushed out making maintenance a snap

3.) We use real wood, not particle board

4.) Glass is used rather than plexiglass which can scratch overtime with claws

5.) Interior base is lined with rubber membrane to preserve cabinet's life

6.) Heat & humidity stays in & allows Reptile to thermo-regulate

7.) Gentle air flow ventilation system preventing respiratory problems

8.) Real rock inserts & branches allows for stretching & climbing

9.) Interior settings are tailored for reptiles needs with either large or small branches

10.) Each habitat setting is one-of-a-kind

11.) Personal delivery and set up can included depending on location

12.) We advise and have knowledge of a wide variety of Reptiles

13.) Family oriented business ensuring personal customer service

14.) Testimonials are real, you can email them and ask their opinion

15.) It makes for a great conversation piece for the home or business!