Howell Woods (Nature Center) North Carolina

The pictures shown here exhibit a variety of reptiles.
The venomous display case was 10' feet long. On the opposite wall a 26 foot length of display of cases were set up for Turtles water snakes etc.

All the enclsoures with the water feature are connected with indivdiual valves for drainage making maintatance quick for rinsing and easy filling with fresh water. They also have custom built fifliters to keep water changing to a minimum.

Here is a list of Venomous snakes that needed to be displayed for educational purpose:

Timber Rattlesnake, Diamondback Rattlesnake,
Eastern Cottonmouth, Copperhead, Pygmy Rattlesnake


Here was the list of other Reptiles & Amphibians:

Black Rat snake, Yellow Rat snake, Corn snake, Eastern King snake, Banded Water snake, Brown Water snake, Gardersnake, Painted Turtle, Eastern Mud Turtle, Musk Turtle, Spotted Turtle, Snapping Turtle, Yellow-Bellied Slider, Eastern Box Turtle, Skinks, Anoles, and a variety of toads and frogs.