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J.Worlds has many different custom made styles of Units for different animals, climates, and environments. Here are some of our standard designs. We can also custom make enclosures of almost any size or shape.

   Chameleon Showcase

The Outback
 - dry climate -
(Bearded Dragons...enclosures)


 Land & Oasis Desert
   Tegus, Monitors, Tortoises

    Live Plants Lagoon terrarium
  Great for Amphibians & breeding ground
for Tree Frogs!

         Tropical Lagoon
    (great for geckos & frogs)




 AmazonPool Unit
   Python's & Boa's
 Water Dragons, Basilisks,


  Tropical Land & Pool Unit
 Water Dragons, Basilisks, Pythons & Boas


   Amazon Water Basin Unit
  Iguana's, Water Dragons, Basilisks,
    Pythons & Boas


 Corner Hutches

Small Mammal Hutches
Great for Sugar Gliders, Ferrets, Chinchillas & Hedge Hogs.
This is especially great for keeping your Rabbits in doors during the winter!

  Multiple Displays
          (Museums, Nature Centers, Universities)



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