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Outback Unit
(overall dimensions of : 5' Wide x 6.5' High x 24" Deep)
   Set up Date: 5/02/14

This Enclosure was set up in for Bearded Dragons in GA

The Outback enclosure provides a dry climate for reptiles that require this type of environment. The height of the actual habitat is usually no more than 30" inches unless requested otherwise.

The enclosure usually comes in 3 pieces:

1.) The base stand which can be used for storage (aprox-30" high)

2.) The habitat (aprox-usually 24" to 30" high

3.) The light system (12" high)

Depending on the type of reptile to be housed, a pool area can be installed with a drain at one end of the habait.

Beneath this area there would be a bucket that would be positioned inside the lower base stand area.

For example, this would be great for Savannah Monitor since they have a tendency to defecate in water. Therefore flushing the pool area would be the best option fro maintenance.