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Reliable Herp care information:
Melissa Kaplan's Herp Care

Reptile Links:
Applegate Reptiles

The Basking Spot
Bearded Dragons & more...

Desert dwellers
Gecko Ranch

LLL Reptile Supply Co.

Renegade Reptiles
Reptile Depot
The Snake Keeper

World of Snakes

Herp Breeders:
Captive Bred Excellence

Captive Bred Pythons.com
 Albino Tricolors
 Blue Chameleon Ventures
 Captive Bred Excellence
Hamill Reptiles

Live Food:
Fluker Farms
Mulberry Farms/ Silkworms
New York Worms
Rainbow Mealworms &    Crickets
Timberline Live Reptile Foods

Herpetological Societies:
Southern Nevada Herp.    Societies

Pet Loss Products
A Unique selection of pet loss products including pet urns, pet caskets, and pet memorials; many items with personalization and engraving.

 Pet Portaits-Beautiful portraits of your reptile!

 Small Dogs Pet Store; Dog    Collars

Online Pet Coupons

Pet Supply Stores:
 World Pet Store
Lost & Found Animal Directory

Reptile Shows:

Indianapolis Breeders Expo
Lee watson's Reptile Swap
Midwest Reptile Shows
National Reptilreee Bders Expo
New York Metro Reptile Expo.

Texas reptiles
San Antonio Reptile Expo
Texas Reptile Expo
Wild Life Co.   Exotic Animal Shows CA

Arachnids & Invertebrates

 Wings of Imagination Amazing butterfly cases shipped all over the world!:

Pet Bugs.com

Fish site links (click here)

Other useful miscellaneous sites sites:


TheArtsDirectory.net - Art Links




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