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Custom Cage Showcases For Reptiles, Birds & Fish
You can view video segments of Enclosures here: "View Videos"

 We specialize in creating reptile cages that can contain large pools of water.

Water is an essential part of any animals life providing drinking, bathing & humidity.

Most of our reptile cages have the ability to be rinsed & flushed out, making maintainence a snap.

 Live Plants & Amphibian Displays!

Do you want to display your favorite Live Tropical Plants? These enclosures are perfect for creating the ultimate Terrarium Showcase to accommodate live plants such as Bromeliads, Orchids & Air Plants.

This creates the perfect environment for Amphibians and geckos!

If you are going to house reptiles, it is recommended that you read the page Housing Reptiles to find out whether or not your animal may be in need of a tropical habitat.

If you are looking to house birds, please click here: Birds Aviary Enclosure's


What makes J.worlds so special compared to other cages?

1.) Our units can contain large amounts of heated water providing humidity

2.) Pool areas can be drained or flushed, making maintenance a snap

3.) We use real wood, not cheap particle board etc.

4.) Glass is used rather than plexiglass which scratches with reptiles claws

5.) Interior base is lined with rubber membrane to preserve cabinet's life

6.) Heat & humidity stays in & allows Reptile to still thermo-regulate

7.) Gentle air flow ventilation system preventing respiratory problems

8.) Real rock fountain & vines enables reptile to stretch & climb

9.) Interior settings are tailored for your reptiles needs, large or small vines

10.) Each habitat setting is one-of-a-kind

11.) Personal delivery and set up can included depending on location

12.) We advise and have knowledge of a wide variety of Reptiles

13.) Family oriented business ensuring personal customer service
14.) Testimonials are real, you can email them and ask their opinion

15.) An elaborate way of displaying your Reptiles, if friends or family don't like them, they will now!

We also design and build Custom Reptile Cages for Cafe's, Restaurants, and nonprofit organizations such as Schools, Museums, Zoos & Nature Centers.

Chameleon Case below contains live plants with misting system

Enclosure below were built for a Water Dragon

Enclosure below was built for a Blue Igauna

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This 14' dual enclosure was built for two large snakes designed to follow under stair case shown installed on far left

Click on photo below for Youtube Video for video tour & Testimony

Below are 2 showcase cages built for Chameleons

Community Cage Display

Click on picture below for Video to view Burmese Pythons Introduced

26' feet long x 80" inches tall x 24" inches deep (Nature Center)


This has a waterfall located on the left side land area with an illuminated river

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