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Small birds such as finches are the best to use in these enclosures, because they have plenty of room to fly. Also they enjoy the water below as they can drink and bathe as they wish. It is a spectacular sight to observe this as they flutter from top to bottom. The Amazon Wtaer Basin Unit shown on the right is an excellent breeding ground for these small birds. They are able to hide and camouflage which provides them with the security they need. The water below is an excellent source of humidity for their bones which is essential for them.

When first introducing these birds into these cases, it's important to have no water at the base so they can adjust to the environment first. After the first day, you can introduce water into it gradually. They will become accustomed to it very quickly, and start bathing within the first week.

The vines within provide excellent perching areas as they are webbed throughout the entire case. The greenery & flowers will last a long time as the finches usually leave them alone because they are not as destructive as birds with hook bills.

Conures & other larger birds such as Parrots with hook bills do best without greenery. The interior structure needs to be protected to prevebt chewing of the wood structure. So the interior is lined with Lexon to prevent this from happening. The lower half is actualy tiled which has proven to be the best way for easy maintence and durablilty.

The pictures shown below provide an example of this. This particlar enclosure was designed for a pair of African Greys. They are nesting, so they water below. Notice that the initial existing wire cage was able to be attached to the Tropical Land & Pool Enclosure by having a large portion of the right hand side wall open to allow the birds to fly and climb between the two enclosures attached. This is an awsome feature since your exsiting wire cage can be still used!

When it comes to cleaning, it is very quick as you can rinse the unit down as it flushes. A veil can be simply hung across the top half to avoid startling the birds and to keep them from flying out. If the birds should fly out, they usually fly back in since this is where their food is & water.They become attached to the unit as this becomes their domain.

The Amazon Water Basin is the best design for finches

The Tropical Land & Pool design is the best for larger birds

Water can be seen in the pool area above

A water fountain is also installed. Notice that there is no wires or hoses that are visible. This prevents the birds from chewing them and getting hurt.