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Chameleon Showcase

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This unit will suit the needs for Chameleons as well as tree frogs etc.. You can fill the base of the habitat to a maximum of 4" of water. There is a small lower cabinet which allows room for misting system as well as 5 gallon bucket for draining habiat.

A misting system provides humidity throughout the day.For chameleons, a screen door is used as another option. The Enclosure shown below has a built in divider to allow two chameleons to live separately but with the option of letting them mingle together especially for breeding purposes.  



                                Light system has a door for access to lighting


Dimensions of the enclosure below is 7' feet long by 7' feet tall.
Each side is 3'feet 6" inches wide. The depth is 30" inches deep (front to back)

Doors open from center and are screened to prevent reflections which can
stress Chameleons as they can mistaken themselves for another Chameleon.

Misting systems are used for humidity as well as water droplets for drinking

The Red enclosure shown here makes for a suitable habitat for most Chameleons.
This comes equipped with a misting system.
The bottom cabinet allows for a 5 gallon bucket for cleaning since the
bottom of the habitat has a drain.

Overall measurements are: 2' wide x 7 feet high x 2' deep
(overall dimentions includes light system and wheels)

These units can contain the following features:

1.) Light system - 3 ceramic light fixtures installed for incandescent lights. Two fluorescent light fixture's for vita lighting.

2.) Rock wall interior

3.) Glass lower front & with screened doors.

4.) Exterior stained to your preference.

5.) Drain for cleaning and drainage for when live foliage is usedl.

6.) Lower storage cabinet with bucket fro overflow.

7.) Ventilated top rear incorporated within the light system.

Vines & Greenery & Flowers or" live plants" recommended

9.) Waterproof Interior walls.

10.) Bottom wheels allow for mobility of unit 

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