Shipping & Handling Terms

Shipping an enclosure:

This entails the unit being properly packed in a wooden crate by us. The crate is custom built to contain the units parts from damage. This ensures safe delivery of the product.

This crate is shipped to the nearest trucking terminal in your area. It is then picked up by a local trucking Co. that must have lift-gate service. This is previously arranged by us & paid for.

This Company is contracted by us to deliver to your home or business. It will call you once they have it in their possession to know when it can be delivered to you during the week; not weekends.

Someone must be there to receive it and sign that it has arrived in good condition. If the consumer(you)are going to assemble it yourself, you must arrange to have help for unpacking the unit and getting it into the home. The trucking Company is not responsible for this.

You will need a screw gun to take the crates apart. They will be too heavy and bulky to get through the door.

The crates should be placed in a covered area for protection until you are able to get them into the home.

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